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ZCC CT 100% Authentic CCMT CCMT06 CCMT0602 CCMT09 CCMT060204 CCMT09T304 AHF YB9320 Turning Inserts

Value: 33.02 - 12.83

Principal model and software of turning blade coating cemented carbide (CVD, PVD)

YBM151 – particular construction matrix mixed with TiCN, skinny AL203, tin coating, has good resistance to diffusion put on and plastic deformation, and has good affect resistance, which is appropriate for ending, semi ending and tough machining of stainless-steel.

YBM251 — the matrix with good toughness and power is mixed with TiCN, skinny AL203 and tin coating, which is appropriate for semi ending and tough machining of stainless-steel.

YBD151 — a mixture of excessive wear-resistant matrix and MTTi (CN), thick AL203, tin coating, appropriate for ending and semi ending of forged iron supplies.

YBC151 — mixture of excessive put on resistance matrix and MTTiCN, thick AL203, tin coating; Appropriate for ending of metal.

YBC251– mixture of ductile matrix with good blade security and MTTiCN, thick AL2O3, tin coating; It’s appropriate for semi ending of metal.

YBC351 — mixture of excessive power and plastic deformation resistant matrix with ncTiAIN thick AL203 and tin coatings; With good toughness and plastic deformation resistance, it’s appropriate for tough machining of metal.

YBG102 — ncTiAIN coating is mixed with high-quality particle matrix, which is appropriate for mild and medium load milling of assorted supplies (particularly forged iron) and high-quality and semi high-quality turning of superalloys.

YBG202 ncTiAIN coating is mixed with the sturdy and difficult matrix of ultra-fine particles, which is appropriate for mild and medium load milling of all types of processed supplies, gap machining, precision and semi precision turning of stainless-steel and tough turning of superalloys.

YBG302ncTiAIN coating is mixed with ductile cemented carbide matrix, which is appropriate for medium load slicing, gap machining, slicing, grooving of all types of processed supplies, in addition to semi precision and tough turning of stainless-steel, realizing the mix of security and put on resistance.

The machining model of black diamond blade metal components

YBC152thick TiCN and thick AL203 coating can vastly enhance the wear and tear resistance whereas bettering the affect toughness. It is a perfect selection for high-speed slicing from metal ending to semi ending. Chopping pace may be elevated by greater than 25%; On the similar slicing pace, the device life may be elevated to greater than 30%.

YBC252 — with thick TiCN and AL203 coating, it has sturdy plastic deformation resistance and edge power. It’s a common most well-liked model of metal from end machining to tough machining.

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