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SMBB2026/SMBB2526/SMBB2032/SMBB2532/SMBB3232 Grooving Lower-Off Cutter Holder DGFH26-03 SPB32-6 Lower Off Blade SP600/MGMN300

Value: 12.94 - 37.83

Identify: particular instrument holder for SMBB
Identify: DGFH/SPB particular groove cutter plate


KT930: Used for processing chrome steel.
JC700: upgraded model of JC600,Used for processing metal components.
H01: For aluminum and copper components processing.
YZ6020: Good toughness, used for processing metal components under 40 levels.
YZ15TF: Used to course of chrome steel and scale back instrument breakage.
NC3030:Used for processing metal components.Cut back friction and chopping strain.
PC9030:Used for processing chrome steel.Excessive precision and hardness.

Bundle Included

No insert : there’s a Knife holder and a Knife board within the package deal.
NO Knife board :There’s a knife holder within the package deal.
NO Knife holder:There’s one Knife board and ten blades within the package deal.


SMBB instrument holder is made from high-quality metal
The floor is high-hardened, appropriate for clamping SPB groove knives, tungsten metal strips, chopping knives, and many others.
The blade is made from spring metal, with excessive chopping depth, adjustable depth, and no vibration.

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