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Ni-MH 3.8Ah 18V DC9098 DC9096 Substitute Battery for Dewalt XRP DC9096 DC9099 DC9098 DW9099 DW9098 Cordless Energy Instrument

Value: 53.00 - 29.16

Battery Specs:

Voltage: 18V

Kind: Ni-Mh

Capability: 3.8Ah

Substitute PN:

DC9096, DC9098, DE9039, DE9503, DE9095, DE9096, DW9096, DW9095, DW9098, DE9098

Suitable with:

For DEWALT Authentic Cordless Reciprocating, Jig, Round, Chain, Band, and Desk Saws:

DWHT66387 DWHT55524 DWHT20123 DW938K DW938 DW936K DW936 DW934K2H DW934K2DW932 DW933 DW933K DW934 DCS385L,DCS372KA DCS372B DCS370B DCS370L DCS370K DCS3 31N DCS331L2 DCS331L1 DCS331M1 DCS331B DCS330L DCK251X DCD960KL DC390N2;

For DEWALT Cordless Drills and Drivers:

DWST08203 DW997K-2 DW959K-2 DW621 DW960 DW987 DW988 DW989 DW995 DW997 DW987KQ DW988KQ DW960B DW960K,DCSM60 DCSD62LPB DCF826KL DCD985L2 DCD985B DCD980L 2 DCD970KL DCD959VX DCD959KX DCD950VX DCD950KX3;

For DEWALT Cordless Impression Wrench:

DW059KH-2 DW059K-2 DW059HB DW059B DW059 DW057N DW057K-2 DW057K DW056N DW056KS DW056K-2 DW056K DW056,DCF059KLDC841KA DC830KA DC823KA DC823B DC822KL DC8 21KA DC820KB DC820B DC820KA DC8204;

For DEWALT Authentic Rotary Hammers:

DW999KQ DW999K2H DW999K-2 DW999K2 DW999K DW999 DC213KB DC212N DC212KZ DC212KL DC212KB DC212KA DC212B DC2125;

For DEWALT Authentic Lower-Out/ Lower-Off Instruments:

DCG411KL DC550KA DC550B DC550 DC411KL DC411KA DC411B DC410N DC410KB DC410KA DC4106

For DEWALT Authentic Cordless Nailers and Staplers:

DC608K DC616K DC618 DC618K DC618KA DC628K DC608B D28493N7;

For DEWALT Authentic Shears: DC495KA DC495B DC490KA DC490B8;

For Authentic Cordless Screwdrivers: DC668KA DC520KA9;

For DEWALT Authentic Grease Weapons: DCGG570K DCGG570B1;

For Authentic Cordless Vacuums: DCB090 DC515N

Heat Notes:

1. Please absolutely charged battery earlier than first use.

2.In case you are not going to make use of the battery for a month or longer, retailer it in a clear, dry, cool place away from fireplace and water.

3.Please recharge it after lengthy storage . As Ni-Cd/Ni-MH and Li-ion batteries will self-discharge throughout storage.

4.Don’t Separation, extrusion, and affect.

5.If the merchandise is flawed, please notify us inside 7 days after receiving it.

6.Usually, We are going to ship the objects inside 1 enterprise days as soon as your cost is accomplished. Normally, after we dispatch, the categorical system takes 7 working days to updating monitoring No. to the system. A largely, the parcel will be delivered in 6 weeks. If you don’t acquired your parcel in time, please kindly advise us, we are going to observe the parcel.

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