Women’s Clothing

10PCS DESKAR WNMG080404 WNMG080408 WNMG080412 TM CQ HQ PR ZM CM PM MT LF9018 CNC Lathe Cutter Slicing Turning Software Carbide Blade

Value: 19.78 - 9.69

LF9018: It’s extensively used within the processing of carbon metal and alloy metal, with a large processing vary, and is the primary selection for metal processing.

TM: Semi-finish reducing, fundamental choice

HQ: ending, semi-finishing

CQ: Ending-Semi-finishing

GS: Semi-finishing-rough machining, particular for chrome steel

HA: Mild alloy chrome steel processing

HS: semi-finished, particular for chrome steel

MQ: Ending

MA: Medium reducing, basic geometry

MS: medium reducing, chrome steel, gentle metal, difficult-to-cut supplies

PM: semi-finishing

PR: Medium reducing

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