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10PCS DESKAR TNMG160404 TNMG160408 HS MQ JMS HA MA MS LF6018 Carbide Inserts Turning Instruments Lathe Cutter For Stainless Metal

Value: 17.72 - 9.92

LF6018: Particular grades for chrome steel processing, ultra-fine alloy grades, with wonderful toughness and adhesion resistance to the coating, appropriate for processing stainless-steel, particularly austenitic stainless-steel, and likewise appropriate for slicing heat-resistant alloy metal at low speeds.

TM: Semi-finish slicing, fundamental choice

HQ: ending, semi-finishing

CQ: Ending-Semi-finishing

GS: Semi-finishing-rough machining, particular for chrome steel

HA: Mild alloy stainless-steel processing

HS: semi-finished, particular for chrome steel

MQ: Ending

MA: Medium slicing, normal geometry

MS: medium slicing, stainless-steel, delicate metal, difficult-to-cut supplies

PM: semi-finishing

PR: Medium slicing

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